• 1958 Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina Speciale Coupe
  • s/n 1007GT, engine no. 1007GT, numero interno 054D
  • Grigio Conchiglia (Shell Grey) with Blue Leather Interior
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1958 Ferrari 250

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This particular and uniquely configured car was hand built at the Ferrari factory on 6 November 1958. Finished in Grigio Conchiglia (shell grey) with blue leather interior, the car was specially equipped with a number of features offered for its first owner, Guido Vitale of Wax & Vitale S.p.A. Vitale was the Genovese importer responsible for, among other things, the import of Johnny Walker, Enzo Ferrari's favorite Scotch. Guido Vitale and Enrico Wax were special customers at Ferrari, as demonstrated by the 410 Superamerica, one-off Bertone-bodied 250 SWB, and two PF Coupes they ordered, all of which were adorned with unique features. This car, (1007GT) is one of two specially built Wax & Vitale 250 PF Coupes, each of which differed significantly from one another.

This 250 GT Speciale (1007GT) was designed and crafted with a number of features, all of which result in a very elegant and refined Ferrari of unique provenance. The front of the car includes unique Ferrari lettering adorned by a beautifully hand-cut prancing horse, replacing the yellow cloisonné badge typically on standard PF coupes. Unique emblems were also placed on the trunk lid, proudly displaying both Ferrari and Pininfarina left and right of the license plate. At the rear of the car, two beautifully contoured exhaust pipe shields shroud the tail pipes, giving a refined and custom finished look to the purposeful exterior. Uniquely designed items were not limited to the exterior of the car however as the interior of the common PF coupe is transformed by the dash, featuring a new central instrument panel with a row of purposeful and elegant knobs, accented by red warning lights, and trimmed with lettered metal nameplates beneath each warning light. The resultant dashboard is both technically sophisticated for the period and delightfully intriguing, particularly against the more traditional Ferrari instruments. Finally, as Ferrari had always been on the forefront of fabrication technology and lightweight materials, this special car was experimentally fitted with both a hood and deck lid molded from glass fiber composites, making it one of Ferrari's first experimental developments utilizing this highly specialized material.

This is an exceptional opportunity to acquire a genuinely unique 250 GT Speciale. An early production car with illustrious history and distinct special features, prepared for a special customer of Ferrari, this car is truly one of a kind. Through expert restoration and continuous care, this exceptional car is ready for any show field, vintage tour, or simply to enjoy for the unique piece of automotive history and exquisite design it represents today.

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Body Color
Grigio Conchiglia
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Engine Size
3.0 V 12
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